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#Otdimjh #OnThisDay 21 December 1878 Naphtali Imber writes the words for Hatikvah, (“the Hope”), national anthem of the State of Israel.

“My heart is conquered by the Gospel, but my head does not agree with it.” Naphtali Zvi Imber (1856 – 8 October 1909), “Israel’s first bohemian”, was born in Złoczów (now Zolochiv, Ukraine), in Galicia. In his youth he travelled … Continue reading

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#otdimjh 21 December 1804 Benjamin Disraeli, first and only Jewish Prime Minister, born

“Yes, I am a Jew, and when the ancestors of the right honourable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.” Miss Sands told me that Queen Victoria, who was latterly éprise … Continue reading

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#otdimjh #OnThisDay 20 December 1997 Passing of Denise Levertov, poet and daughter of Paul Levertoff

Denise Levertov (24 October 1923 – 20 December 1997) was one of the most acclaimed American poets of the 20th century She was born and grew up in Ilford, Essex, a suburb to which Jewish immigrants from Russia and Poland … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh 19 December 1808 Birth of Horatius Bonar, hymn-writer, philosemite and brother of Andrew Bonar

I heard the voice of Jesus say, “Come unto Me and rest; Lay down, thou weary one, lay down Thy head upon My breast.” I came to Jesus as I was, weary and worn and sad; I found in Him … Continue reading

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#otdimjh 18 December 1836 Ordination of Ferdinand Christian Ewald, faithful servant of the Messiah

Ferdinand Christian Ewald (September 14th, 1801 –  August 9th, 1874) From Gidney – December 18th, 1836, was an important day, when two converts were admitted to the priesthood, the Rev. F. C. Ewald by the Bishop of London, and the Rev. … Continue reading

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#otdimjh 16 December 1874 Death of Dr Abraham Capadose, famous for his struggle against vaccination

The Revd Dr Abraham Capadose or Capadoce (22 August 1795, Amsterdam – 16 December 1874, The Hague) was a Dutch physician and Calvinist writer. A Jewish convert to Christianity from 1822 onwards, he was part of the Dutch Réveil (Revival) … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh 15 December 1883 Death of Alexander Neibaur, first Jewish Mormon who taught Joseph Smith Hebrew and Kabbalah

Alexander Neibaur (8 January 1808 – 15 December 1883) From Fred E. Woods: A Mormon and Still A Jew: Alexander Neibaur was a man of many talents. An educated man and gifted poet, he was fluent in seven languages. One account … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh 14 December 1820 Isaac Hellmuth born – Visionary Pioneer of University Education in Canada

Bernstein writes: Hellmuth, Isaac. The fact that the subject of this sketch was one of the three Hebrew Christian Bishops [257] of the last century—Bishops Alexander and Schereschewsky being the other two—invests his life and memory with a special interest for … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh 13 December 1949 David Ben Gurion declares Jerusalem the ‘eternal capital’ of Israel

‘The State of Israel has, and will have, only one capital, Eternal Jerusalem. So it was 3000 years ago and so it will be, as we believe, for eternity’.” Some 46 years later Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, inaugurated the … Continue reading

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#otdimjh 12 December 1844 Dr Edward Macgowan opens LSPCJ Jerusalem hospital despite anathemas

Dr Edward Macgowan, a long-term pioneer physician in mid-nineteenth century Jerusalem was founder and director of the first modern hospital in the Holy Land. Despite opposition from rabbinic authorities, it became a popular and well-established centre, prompting Jewish philanthropists Lord Rothschild (1854) … Continue reading

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