What happened on this day in Messianic Jewish history? We have almost 2000 years of Jewish followers of the Yeshua the Messiah – read their stories today!

I write and teach on Messianic Judaism and its theology. The discipline of history is vital to understanding who were are, where we have come from, and what is our future destiny as Messianic Jews, as members of both Church and Israel, and a remnant that anticipates a future restoration. Join me on this search for Jewish believers in Yeshua across the centuries, and the events that shaped their self-perception and those of others. Learn from their thoughts and actions, and from the circumstances that changed their history, and that of the Church and Israel.

Join me also in prayer as we reflect on the past, and apply the lessons for the present and future.

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in our Messiah

Richard Harvey

richardsharvey at gmail.com

The posts on this site are my own personal opinions. They don’t necessarily represent the views or opinions of any organisations or associations with which I’m affiliated.

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