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7 November 1841 Consecration of Rabbi Michael Solomon Alexander as Bishop of Jerusalem #otdimjh

Solomon was the second son and one of five children born to Alexander Wolff. His ancestors may have come to Prussia from England, or may have been in Schönlanke for many generations. His education in the Talmud began when he … Continue reading

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25 September 1835 Birth of Samuel Wiseman, stalwart Jewish believer in Yeshua in Jerusalem #otdimjh

Here is a brief biography of another great 19th century Jewish believer, courtesy of the article by Gershon Nerel. Gershon’s invaluable website has more than 300 articles on the history of Jewish believers in Jesus, and other topics. Prayer: Thank … Continue reading

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27 June 1967 Re-unification of Jerusalem affirmed by Israeli Knesset #otdimjh

June 27 1967 Re-unification of Jerusalem June 27, 1967, the Israeli Knesset extended Israel’s legal and administrative jurisdiction to all of Jerusalem, and expanded the city’s municipal borders. Levi Eshkol assured the spiritual leaders of all faiths that Israel was … Continue reading

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11 May 1879 Death of Samuel Gobat, Bishop of Jerusalem #otdimjh

Samuel Gobat (26 January 1799 – 11 May 1879), was a Swiss Lutheran who became an Anglican missionary in Africa and was the Protestant Bishop of Jerusalem from 1846 until his death. Born to a Lutheran family in Crémine, Bern, … Continue reading

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3 April 1821 Levi Parsons, American Pioneer, visits Jerusalem Synagogue #otdimjh

In November 1819, the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) sent Levi Parsons (1792-1822) and Pliny Fisk (1792-1825) to the Middle East in order to establish a Palestine mission, based in Jerusalem if possible. The first object of the … Continue reading

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27 January 1908 Death of Canon Kelk, long-serving London Society minister in Jerusalem #otdimjh #onthisday

Arthur Hastings Kelk, vicar of St Stephens, Leeds, former Theological Tutor of Malta Protestant College, joined CMJ in 1878, aged 42. He served in Jerusalem 1878-1904, London 1901-1904, Leeds 1904-1908. He was Canon of Cana in Galilee. Gidney writes about … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh 13 December 1949 David Ben Gurion declares Jerusalem the ‘eternal capital’ of Israel

‘The State of Israel has, and will have, only one capital, Eternal Jerusalem. So it was 3000 years ago and so it will be, as we believe, for eternity’.” Some 46 years later Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, inaugurated the … Continue reading

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