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22 November 1863 Baptism of Aaron Bernstein, author of “Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ” #otdimjh

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da honorem. (Not to us, not to us, O Lord, But to thy name give glory) says this modest man of God, who writes the great reference work of Jewish believers up to … Continue reading

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29 March 1887 Death of Mrs. Reynolds, CMJ volunteer #otdimjh

“Mrs. Reynolds continued her useful and voluntary work amongst the Jewesses in the East End, until her death on March 29th, 1888” (Gidney). I have not been able to find a picture of Mrs. Reynolds, or even discover what her … Continue reading

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15 February 1809 Founding of CMJ, Oldest Protestant Mission to the Jewish people #otdimjh #onthisday

Gidney records It was resolved on February 15th, 1809, “That in future this Society shall be denominated the London Society for the Promotion of Christianity amongst the Jews,” subsequently modified into “for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews.” The title is … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh #onthisday 23 December 1892 Death of Paul (Selig) Cassel, distinguished journalist, parliamentarian, theologian and opponent of Anti-Semitism

Feb. 27, 1821, in Gross-Glogau, Silesia; died Dec. 23, 1892, in Friedenau, near Berlin The Jewish Encyclopedia (1906) gives a short summary to a longer article: Convert to Christianity and missionary to the Jews; born Feb. 27, 1821, in Gross-Glogau, Silesia; … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh #OnThisDay 21 December 1878 Naphtali Imber writes the words for Hatikvah, (“the Hope”), national anthem of the State of Israel.

“My heart is conquered by the Gospel, but my head does not agree with it.” Naphtali Zvi Imber (1856 – 8 October 1909), “Israel’s first bohemian”, was born in Złoczów (now Zolochiv, Ukraine), in Galicia. In his youth he travelled … Continue reading

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#otdimjh 18 December 1836 Ordination of Ferdinand Christian Ewald, faithful servant of the Messiah

Ferdinand Christian Ewald (September 14th, 1801 –  August 9th, 1874) From Gidney – December 18th, 1836, was an important day, when two converts were admitted to the priesthood, the Rev. F. C. Ewald by the Bishop of London, and the Rev. … Continue reading

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#otdimjh 11 December 1896 Paul Philip Feivel Levertoff joins the London Jews Society (CMJ)

My father danced a Hassidic dance the day before he died. His daughters they were far away, his wife was by his side. . . He danced for Jesus his Messiah who rose up from the dead And left the … Continue reading

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