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1 November 1478 Pope Sixtus IV establishes Spanish Inquisition #otdimjh

Pope Sixtus IV issues Exigit Sinceras Devotionis Affectus establishing the Spanish Inquisition in the Kingdom of Castile. The basic accusation of the Inquisition was that Jews who converted to Christianity were still secretly Jewish. The Tribunal of the Holy Office … Continue reading

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24 September 1491 Converso Benito García accused of blood libel #otdimjh

“For centuries there had been tales that during Holy Week the Jews crucified a Christian child in the same way that they had crucified Christ. This time it was believed – not by the inquisitors, whom it was difficult to … Continue reading

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29 July 2013 Right of Return to Portugal Five Centuries After Inquisition #otdimjh

The Portuguese government on Thursday 29 January 2015 approved modifications to a law that regulates nationality rights to the descendants of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from the Iberian nation five centuries ago, local media reported. “I would not say … Continue reading

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27 July 1267 Papal Bull “Turbato Corde” extends Inquisition to Jewish Christians #otdimjh

Turbato corde is a papal bull issued by Clement IV. The bull was addressed to Dominican and Franciscan Friars on the issue of the arising of acts of heresy amongst the mixed Jewish and Christian peoples, expressing the then pope’s dissatisfaction and … Continue reading

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12 February Auto da Fe in Seville(1481) and Toledo (1486) #onthisday #otdimjh

On February 12, 1481 in Seville twelve conversos were burned alive for allegedly practicing Judaism in the first recorded Auto da Fe (Act of Faith). On February 12, 1486 In Toledo some 750 Conversos were paraded through the streets of Toledo from … Continue reading

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#onthisday #otdmijh 30 December 1576 Converso poet, Hebraist and theologian Luis de Léon released from prison for translating Song of Songs into Latin

Fray Luis Ponce de León (Belmonte, Castile, Spain, 1527 – Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Castile, Spain, 23 August 1591) was a Spanish lyric poet, Augustinian friar and theologian and academic, active during the Spanish Golden Age. Today he is … Continue reading

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