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24 September 1491 Converso Benito García accused of blood libel #otdimjh

“For centuries there had been tales that during Holy Week the Jews crucified a Christian child in the same way that they had crucified Christ. This time it was believed – not by the inquisitors, whom it was difficult to … Continue reading

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28 June 1309/1320 “Jewish Converts” forbidden from harassing Jewish communities but allowed to keep their property #otdimjh

Today’s double entry tells the sad story of the role and reputation of Jewish Christians in the early middle ages. Trusted by no-one, and with little to help them in their marginalized identities, they were given scant protection or respect … Continue reading

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19 March 1497 Forced Conversion and Expulsion in Portugal #otdimjh

On March 19, 1497 (the first day of Passover) Jewish parents in Portugal were ordered to take their children, between the ages of four and fourteen, to Lisbon. King Manoel, in an effort to prevent the Jews from fleeing the … Continue reading

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12 February Auto da Fe in Seville(1481) and Toledo (1486) #onthisday #otdimjh

On February 12, 1481 in Seville twelve conversos were burned alive for allegedly practicing Judaism in the first recorded Auto da Fe (Act of Faith). On February 12, 1486 In Toledo some 750 Conversos were paraded through the streets of Toledo from … Continue reading

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3 February 1740 Charles of Bourbon, King of Naples, invites Jews to return to Sicily #otdimjh #onthisday

On February 3, 1740, Charles de Bourbon, the king of Naples, issued an official invitation to the Jews to return to Sicily. They had been expelled in 1493, but many thousands of conversos had remained, practicing Jewish customs in secret, … Continue reading

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