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19 February 1543 Pope Paul III opens House of Catechumens in Rome

CATECHUMENS, HOUSE OF (Casa dei catecumeni), institution in Rome for intended converts (catechumens) and converts in Christianity (neofiti). A building in Rome to house intended Jewish or Muslim converts to Christianity was allocated by Pope Paul III in 1543. In … Continue reading

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18 February 1546 Death of Luther – Last Sermon ends with Warnings against the Jews

From 1533 to his death in 1546, Martin Luther served as the dean of theology at University of Wittenberg. During this time he suffered from many illnesses, including arthritis, heart problems and digestive disorders, and the physical pain and emotional … Continue reading

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17 February 2001 Death of Richard Wurmbrand, Romanian Jewish believer in Yeshua

Early life Richard Wurmbrand, the youngest of four boys, was born on March 24, 1909 in Bucharest in a Jewish family. He lived with his family in Istanbul for a short while; his father died when he was 9, and … Continue reading

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16 February 1956 Harry Wolfson honoured at National Conference of Christians and Jews #onthisday #otdimjh

Harry Wolfson was the greatest scholar of Jewish thought of his generation, and although he was not a believer in Yeshua, understood Christian thought better than most Christians. He modeled for Messianic Jews what it means to be fully immersed … Continue reading

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15 February 1809 Founding of CMJ, Oldest Protestant Mission to the Jewish people #otdimjh #onthisday

Gidney records It was resolved on February 15th, 1809, “That in future this Society shall be denominated the London Society for the Promotion of Christianity amongst the Jews,” subsequently modified into “for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews.” The title is … Continue reading

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14 February 1349 St Valentine’s Day Massacre in Strasbourg sees 900 Jews burnt alive #onthisday #otdimjh

  From Ha’aretz On February 14, 1349 – St. Valentine’s Day – the Jewish residents of Strasbourg, in Alsace, were burned to death by their Christian neighbours. Estimates of the number murdered range from several hundred to more than 2,000. … Continue reading

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13 February 1824 600 Years of the Domus Conversorum comes to an end with the appointment of George Jessel, born 13 February 1824, as Master of the Rolls

Sir George Jessel PC, FRS was born 13 February 1824, eventual Master of the Rolls, leading to the ending of Domus Conversorum (Converts’ Hom) after 600 years in London, UK. For the Messianic movement to succeed, we need, like the … Continue reading

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12 February Auto da Fe in Seville(1481) and Toledo (1486) #onthisday #otdimjh

On February 12, 1481 in Seville twelve conversos were burned alive for allegedly practicing Judaism in the first recorded Auto da Fe (Act of Faith). On February 12, 1486 In Toledo some 750 Conversos were paraded through the streets of Toledo from … Continue reading

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11 February Bruno Hussar founds the Work of St James (Neve Shalom) 1955 and issues Statutes of the Association (1956)

Two related events in the history of Jewish believers in Yeshua, mark February 11. First, the granting of permission from the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1956, and the following year, the publication of the Statutes of the Work of St … Continue reading

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10 February 1840 Nicholayson and Hillier lay the Foundations of Christchurch, Jerusalem #otdimjh #onthisday

Gidney reports: According to the Rev. W. R. Fremantle, subsequently the revered Dean of Ripon, who visited Jerusalem at this time, there were about 12,000 Jews in Palestine, of whom 5,000 were in the Holy City. He spoke very highly … Continue reading

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