1 August 1567 Birth of Christian ben Meir Biberbach Gerson #otdimjh

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Gerson, Christian ben Meir Biberbach, born at Reeklichhausen, August 1, 1567, received the usual Talmudical education, and was a teacher in several places. [ Bernstein: Some Jewish Witnesses ]

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A neighbour, who was a Christian woman, borrowed from him ten pence, giving him as security a Lutheran New Testament. Curious to know the source of the Christian errors, he and his two brothers-in-law read it with much amusement. Yet finding there quotations from the Old Testament, he continued reading it more earnestly, comparing Scripture with Scripture, until his conscience was awakened and felt the need of salvation through Christ. He wrote afterwards—”I found such light, for which I have to thank the Lord God all my life.”


Martini Church of Halberstadt, where Gerson what baptized

He was baptized by Pastor Silberschlag at Halberstadt, October 19, 1600. Gerson’s son Stephen was baptized years later, but his wife got a divorce from him. He then taught Hebrew at Copenhagen, and eventually, after being persuaded by friends, he became a preacher of the Gospel. Testimony is given him that he heartily loved his people, and defended them against blood accusations.

His works are: “Des Jüdischer Talmud fürnehmster Inhalt und Widerlegung,” Gislav, 1707, Gera, 1613. A German translation of the eleventh chapter of Tract Sanhedrin. Gerson died on October 22, 1642, only 47 years old, as a preacher of the Gospel, in poverty. He was pastor of two parishes, receiving a stipend of six gulden, and had to work as a farm labourer for his living. In the Jewish Encyclopædia it is stated that Gerson was drowned at Roelheim, September 25, 1627. Here is [233] a specimen of the contradictory statements of historians.

Reflection: Gerson’s Life and Times were difficult, and his works display a justification of his new faith that takes on a polemical and adversarial stance against his fellow Jews and Judaism itself. Such a position which not uncommon, and is still present  today, as Jews who believe in Yeshua find it difficult to situate Themselves comfortably between the two religious communities that have viewed each other with so much distrust and mutual suspicion over the centuries.

Lord, give us a new generosity of spirit, sense of commitment to one another, and deeper understanding of your purposes of  with both  Church and Israel, so that we may accept of one another with the love Yeshua has for His People, His World and all creation. In his name we pray. Amen.


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2 Responses to 1 August 1567 Birth of Christian ben Meir Biberbach Gerson #otdimjh

  1. Chris Hawkshaw says:

    VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE. I have slightly differing details of this man: From Roth: Auswertungen von Leichenpredigten’, it states he died in Latdorf 25 September 1622 and was buried in Bernburg on 29 September 1622, where he had been a preacher at the Church. He drowned in the river Saale at the foot of the road after he had officiated at the wedding of the daughter of the Vicar he had replaced. The horses bolted, and ran into the river, where he drowned. His second wife was Anna Halide, daughter of Martin Halit, Stattschreiber und Kirchendiener zu Berneburg.
    I might be his descendant. Still missing two generations between his death and my earliest family members, but in that area.


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