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22 March 1377 Gerson, Valensi and Biton declare fait in Yeshua #otdimjh

22 March 1377 David Gerson, Mosse Valensí and Isaach Biton baptized in Besalú, Spain #otdimjh This was before the inquisition, and during a time of prosperity and success for the Jews ofBesalú. What was it that motivated these three to become … Continue reading

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1 August 1567 Birth of Christian ben Meir Biberbach Gerson #otdimjh

Gerson, Christian ben Meir Biberbach, born at Reeklichhausen, August 1, 1567, received the usual Talmudical education, and was a teacher in several places. [ Bernstein: Some Jewish Witnesses ] A neighbour, who was a Christian woman, borrowed from him ten … Continue reading

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18 June 1905 Max Gerson, minister to Muslims and Hindus in India, ordained #otdimjh

Gerson, Rev. Marks [Max?], was born in Kovno, Poland, in 1879. His father died when he was four, and his mother when he was thirteen. Up to that age he received the usual Jewish education and his elder brother kept … Continue reading

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