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22 March 1377 David Gerson, Mosse Valensí and Isaach Biton baptized in Besalú, Spain #otdimj

This was before the inquisition, and during a time of prosperity and success for the Jews of Besalú. What was it that motivated these three to become believers? Was it genuine spiritual convictions? Social pressure? A lowering of the boundaries … Continue reading

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21 March 1694 Death of Shim’on Abilis and murder charges brought against his father #otdimjh

Seventeenth century Prague was not an easy place for the Jewish people. Confined to the ghetto, under pressure from the counter-reformation and oppressive imperial power, pressure to ‘convert’ was brought on them. This curious and variously interpreted incident sheds light … Continue reading

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20 March 1800 Birth of Gottfried Bernhardy, Classical Scholar and Man of Letters #otdimjh

Gottfried Bernhardy (20 March 1800 – 14 May 1875), German philologist and literary historian, was born at Landsberg an der Warthe (now Poland) in the Neumark. Bernstein [118] summarises Bernhardy, Dr. Gottfried, born in Landsburg, 1860, died 1875, embraced Christianity when studying … Continue reading

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19 March 1497 Forced Conversion and Expulsion in Portugal #otdimjh

On March 19, 1497 (the first day of Passover) Jewish parents in Portugal were ordered to take their children, between the ages of four and fourteen, to Lisbon. King Manoel, in an effort to prevent the Jews from fleeing the … Continue reading

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18 March 1996 Symposium on Christian Kabbalah – Jewish mystical tradition with faith in Yeshua #otdimjh

The Kabbalah (lit. “tradition”, transliterated as Kabalah, Cabbalah, etc) has fascinated Christians over the centuries and is used by some Messianic Jews today in their Christology (see Harvey, Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology, ch. 3). Scholarly study of the Christian Kabbalah … Continue reading

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17 March 1842 Bishop Michael Solomon Alexander of Jerusalem ordains Pioneer Missionary to Moslems

Bishop Alexander’s first year in Jerusalem was busy. His first ordination was of John Mühleisen, who worked with CMS in Ethiopia, and was a pioneering missionary to Moslems. The organization he proposed, “The Society for Propagating the Gospel among the … Continue reading

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16 March 1190 York’s Clifford Tower masacre – worst antisemitic attack in the UK #otdimjh

At the foot of Clifford’s Tower a plaque marks the darkest chapter in the history of York’s Jewish community. The plaque reads: On the night of Friday 16th March 1190 some 150 Jews and Jewesses of York, having sought protection in … Continue reading

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15 March 1473 Three days of rioting leads to expulsion of Jews from Cordoba  

Tensions arose in Córdoba, the city of Maimonides,the great rabbi, diplomat, philosopher and doctor of two centuries before, when the Moslem rulers allowed the flourishing of a golden age for the Jewish people. Now, under Christian rulers, it became the location for … Continue reading

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14 March 1932 Benno Karpeles, political journalist and activist, baptised #otdimjh

Benno Karpeles (1868- 1938) was an Austrian politician, publicist and editor. Formerly a writer on the staff of the “Arbeiter-Zeitung,” a Socialist newspaper in Vienna, he is little known today. After visiting Theresa Neumann, the stigmatist [mystic with the signs … Continue reading

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13 March 1873 Death of John Christian Reichardt, Translator of LSPCJ Hebrew New Testament #otdimjh

Just before the close of this Period the London Mission sustained a further heavy loss by the death on March 13th,1873, in the 70th year of his age, of the Rev. John Christian Reichardt, who for very nearly half a … Continue reading

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