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#otdimjh #onthisday 31 December 335 Sylvester day – celebrated today in Israel – commemorating the Pope who oversaw the Council of Nicaea

Silvester or Sylvester is the day of the Feast of Pope Sylvester I, a saint who served as Pope of the Catholic Church from 314 to 335 and oversaw both the First Council of Nicaea and Roman Emperor Constantine I’s … Continue reading

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#onthisday #otdmijh 30 December 1576 Converso poet, Hebraist and theologian Luis de Léon released from prison for translating Song of Songs into Latin

Fray Luis Ponce de León (Belmonte, Castile, Spain, 1527 – Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Castile, Spain, 23 August 1591) was a Spanish lyric poet, Augustinian friar and theologian and academic, active during the Spanish Golden Age. Today he is … Continue reading

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#onthisday #otdimjh 29 December 1977 UCCI protest hastily passed Knesset Anti-Missionary Law

From The Tablet ISRAEL Controversial law On 27 December [1977] the Knesset passed on its second and final readings a private members’ bill entitled Penal Code Amendment Law (Enticement to Change of Religion) 1977 (see The Tablet, 24/31 December). As … Continue reading

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#onthisday #otdimjh 28 December 1902 Birth of Mortimer Adler, popular philosopher, self-styled “Jew, Pagan, Agnostic, Episcopalian and Roman Catholic”

Mortimer Adler(December 28, 1902 – June 28, 2001) was a philosopher, educator, and popular author. He is best known for his classic of American popular culture, “How to Read a Book”. As a philosopher he worked within the Aristotelian and Thomistic … Continue reading

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#onthisday #otdimjh 27 December 1814 Charles Simeon attends his first London Society (CMJ) Board Meeting  

Charles Simeon (24 September 1759 – 13 November 1836) was a leading clergyman within the Evangelical party of the Church of England. When he began his ministry at Holy Trinity, Cambridge, he was so unpopular that the Churchwardens barred his … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh #onthisday Feast of Stephen, first Messianic Jew to die for his faith in Yeshua

Stephen was a Hellenist, a Greek-speaking Jew influenced by Greco-Roman culture, who was a disciple of Yeshua. “Stephanos” is the Greek for garland, the prize laurel wreath awarded to victors at the games or after a battle. It may well be … Continue reading

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#otdimjh #onthisday 25 December 1821 birth of David Christian Ginsburg, missionary, scholar and exposer of fake Deuteronomy scroll

Bernstein summarises a distinguished academic career, but Ginsburg achieved public fame through his part in exposing one of the great frauds of the century, in disproving the claims of another fellow Jewish believer in Yeshua to have discovered an early … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh #onthisday 24 December 1804 Birth of Raphael Hirsch – Dr Joiachim Heinrich Biesenthal aka Corvé, Karl Ignaz

Perhaps the greatest scholar of the 19th century Hebrew Christians, Biesenthal was widely known, but I have been unable to find a photograph of him. The account in Bernstein reads: Biesenthal, Dr. Joiachim Heinrich—or, to give him his birth-name, Raphael … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh #onthisday 23 December 1892 Death of Paul (Selig) Cassel, distinguished journalist, parliamentarian, theologian and opponent of Anti-Semitism

Feb. 27, 1821, in Gross-Glogau, Silesia; died Dec. 23, 1892, in Friedenau, near Berlin The Jewish Encyclopedia (1906) gives a short summary to a longer article: Convert to Christianity and missionary to the Jews; born Feb. 27, 1821, in Gross-Glogau, Silesia; … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh #OnThisDay 21 December 1878 Naphtali Imber writes the words for Hatikvah, (“the Hope”), national anthem of the State of Israel.

“My heart is conquered by the Gospel, but my head does not agree with it.” Naphtali Zvi Imber (1856 – 8 October 1909), “Israel’s first bohemian”, was born in Złoczów (now Zolochiv, Ukraine), in Galicia. In his youth he travelled … Continue reading

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