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6 April 1903 Pogrom scatters Kishinev Messianic Congregation #otdimjh

6 April 1903 Pogrom in Kishinev scatters remnant of Joseph Rabinowitz’s Messianic Congregation #otdimjh The Kishinev pogrom was an anti-Jewish riot that took place in Kishinev, which was back then part of the Bessarabia province of Imperial Russia (currently Chişinău is … Continue reading

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23 September 1837 Birth of Joseph Rabinowitz, founder of “The Israelites of the New Covenant” #otdimjh

The Messianic Jewish movement is indebted to  Joseph Rabinowitz, the “Herzl of Jewish Christianity” for his life and work, especially in forming the “Israelites of the New Covenant” in Kishinev. One of the first Messianic congregations in modern times, it … Continue reading

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26 April 1864 Rabbi Rudolp Hermann Gurland affirms publicly his faith in Yeshua #otdimjh

On April 26, 1864, Gurland and his wife were baptized by Pastor Faltin. In accordance with church tradition and Russian law, their names were changed. That Gurland chose “Rudolf Hermann” indicates that the minister was his godfather. Marie was named … Continue reading

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