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#otdimjh 18 November 1922 Death of Marcel Proust – born Jewish, raised Catholic – atheist, assimilationist, anti-semite?

I have to admit – I have not read Proust. So what follows is my quick research on a fascinating figure, perhaps the greatest French writer. As a Messianic Jew I feel both the attraction and repulsion that comes from … Continue reading

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otdimjh 3 November 1900 Max Rosenstrauch, pioneering Messianic Jew in Lemberg, completes his task on this day in Messianic Jewish history

Max Rosenstrauch, who  was born and educated as a Jew at Lemberg, took up the  work, which he prosecuted with zeal and energy.(Gidney 1908:445) Bernstein, who know Max Rosenstrauch (“Rose bush”) well and worked alongside him on several occasions summarises … Continue reading

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#otdimjh 29 October 1833 Nathan Immanuel Mossa, “doughty pioneer of Homoeopathy in Europe” born

Bernstein and de le Roi state: Mossa, Nathaniel Immanuel, gives the following particulars of himself:—”I was born on October 29th, 1833, at Friedland, near Beskow. My father was a Jewish merchant, first in that town, and later in Spandau, where … Continue reading

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