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4 June 2008 CBN News Reports on Opposition to Messianic Jews #otdimj

Turning Up the ‘Heat’ on Messianic JewsBy Chris Mitchell Mideast Bureau Chief, CBN News CBNNews.com – JERUSALEM, Israel – In the latest in a growing number of incidents against Israeli Messianic Jewish believers — Jews who believe that Yeshua (Jesus, in Hebrew) is … Continue reading

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15 May 1948 Fledgling State of Israel now home to Messianic Jews #otdimjh

From the article “Hebrew Christianity in the Holy Land from 1948 to the Present” by  Ole Chr. M. Kvarme [p.43ff, footnotes omitted]: A celebratory crowd outside the Tel Aviv Museum to hear the Declaration David Ben-Gurion declaring independence beneath a large portrait … Continue reading

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8 January 1917 Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points Acknowledges Principle of Self-Determination in Middle East #otdimjh #onthisday

In 1917-18, combined British and Arab forces ended over 400 years of Turkis administration in various parts of the Arab world, including Palestine. The nationalities in these territories, stated Wilson in his famous “Fourteen Points” speech of January 1917, “should be … Continue reading

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