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3 February 2020 IHCA International Hebrew Christian Allliance Magazines available to download #otdimjh

Due to the kindness of a friend a vital resource for the research and history of Jewish disciples of Yeshua is now newly available online and to download. If you want to know about the history of Hebrew Christianity, Jewish Christians in antiquity and up to the present, and the modern Messianic Jewish movement, these magazines are an invaluable tool. Heroes and heroines of the modern Hebrew Christian movement of the 20th century, such as Sir Leon Levison, Harcourt, Samuel, Jacob Jocz, Heinz Leuner, Hugh Schonfield and many others come alive through their articles, reviews and reports. Continue reading

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8 September 1925 International Hebrew Christian Alliance Formed #otdimjh

It was on September 8 that the historic resolution was carried unanimously: That we Hebrew Christians from different parts of the world standing for the Evangelical Faith now met in Conference, re-affirm our living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, … Continue reading

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23 July 1934 Fourth International Conference of the International Hebrew Christian Alliance #otdimjh

Sir Leon Levison presided at this historic moment in the history of the Hebrew Christian Alliance, as storm clouds loomed over the Jewish people in Europe, Messianic Congregations (known as Hebrew Christian Churches) were being formed, and a Hebrew Christian … Continue reading

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