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14 October 1954 Mordechai Vanunu – Israeli Whistleblower- born #otdimjh

Mordechai Vanunu was a technician working at a nuclear arms research project who revealed to the world in 1986 that Israel was secretly producing nuclear armaments. After the disclosure of the affair by the Sunday Times, Vanunu was kidnapped by … Continue reading

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18 September 96 c.e. Death of Roman Emperor Domitian, who expands Fiscus Judaicus to include Christians who live as Jews #otdimjh

Domitian, who ruled between 81 and 96 AD, expanded the fiscus Iudaicus [Jewish tax] to include not only born Jews and converts to Judaism, but also on those who concealed the fact that they were Jews or observed Jewish customs. … Continue reading

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23 August 1944 Miriam Löwenwirth Reuveni baptized despite Father Marie-Benoît’s reservations #otdimjh

Miriam Löwenwirth (later Reuveni) was baptized on the night of 23 August 1944, as she took refuge from a bombing attack in the basement of a church in Florence, not expecting to survive. Her decision shows the immense emotional pressure … Continue reading

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7 August 412 Oppression of Innocent Jews is Forbidden by Emperor Theodosius II #otdimjh

Emperor Theodosius  II issues a decree forbidding the oppression of innocent Jews. According to Theodosius: “No Jew who is innocent shall be oppressed, nor shall any person of any creed cause him to be exposed to insult; nor shall their synagogues or … Continue reading

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8 July 1822 Death of Percy Bysshe Shelley, author of “The Wandering Jew” poem #otdimjh

In 1810 Shelley wrote a poem in four cantos with the title The Wandering Jew but it remained unpublished until 1877. The Wandering Jew, A Poem in Four Cantos by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Written in 1810, published posthumously for the Shelley Society by … Continue reading

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13 June 1299 Pope Boniface VIII’s “Exhibita nobis” protects Jews from secret accusations #otdimjh

Pope Boniface VIII issues the papal bull “Exhibita nobis” which declares that “important” Jews can be denounced to the Inquisition without the identity of the accuser being made public. This is actually an improvement for the Jews because the Inquisition … Continue reading

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5 April 1828 Birth of Rev L. Rosenberg, British Jews’ Society representative for 40 years in Adrianople [Edirne], Turkey

Rosenberg, Rev. L., wrote the following brief sketch of himself shortly before he died:—”My parents were by birth Austrian Jews. By occupation my father was a landed proprietor and my mother carried on a drapery business. There were four children … Continue reading

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29 March 1887 Death of Mrs. Reynolds, CMJ volunteer #otdimjh

“Mrs. Reynolds continued her useful and voluntary work amongst the Jewesses in the East End, until her death on March 29th, 1888” (Gidney). I have not been able to find a picture of Mrs. Reynolds, or even discover what her … Continue reading

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12 January 1978 Rhineland Evangelical Church pubilshes “Towards Renovation of the Relationship of Christians and Jews” #onthisday #otdimjh

The Synod of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, a leading voice within the EKD, proposes steps for the construction of a new relationship between Christians and Jews. These groundbreaking theses lack only one thing – the recognition, invitation and … Continue reading

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#Otdimjh #onthisday 24 December 1804 Birth of Raphael Hirsch – Dr Joiachim Heinrich Biesenthal aka Corvé, Karl Ignaz

Perhaps the greatest scholar of the 19th century Hebrew Christians, Biesenthal was widely known, but I have been unable to find a photograph of him. The account in Bernstein reads: Biesenthal, Dr. Joiachim Heinrich—or, to give him his birth-name, Raphael … Continue reading

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