18 June 1905 Jewish Missionary to Muslims #otdimjh

18 June 1905 Max Gerson, minister to Muslims and Hindus in India, ordained #otdimjh


Gerson, Rev. Marks [Max?], was born in Kovno, Poland, in 1879. His father died when he was four, and his mother when he was thirteen. Up to that age he received the usual Jewish education and his elder brother kept him at school for another year, but then he had to make a start to earn his own living. [Bernstein 233]

He worked with relatives for five years, and then came to London, where the “Hebrew Christian Testimony” was instrumental in leading him to Christ. In 1898 he was admitted into the Operative Jewish Converts’ Institution, and in December of the same year was baptized by the Rev. G. H. Händler in Christ Church, Stepney.

In June, 1899, he was confirmed by the Bishop of Stepney, and in 1901 he was accepted by the Church Missionary Society for training first at Clapham Common, then at Blackheath, and subsequently at the College in Islington. On the 18th of June, 1905, he was ordained in St. Paul’s Cathedral, and since then he has laboured with good success in India: being stationed at present in Calcutta.

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Missionary Review of the World, JANUARY TO DECEMBER, 1917

Another notable Church Missionary Society missionary was the Rev. Max Gerson, “one of the ablest missionaries we had in Bengal,” whose sudden death after an operation was an untold loss in the evangelization of both Hindus and Moslems.


CMS history also reports his death

A very able man of singular linguistic attainments, a Polish Jew, the Rev. Max Gerson, was at Bhagaipur for a time for Mohammedan work ;but he died after an operation for appendicitis in 1911.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the life, gifts and service of Max Gerson. Help us to find the place you want us to be, and to serve you with all our hearts. In Yeshua’s name we pray. Amen.

Memorials of the Rev. Max Gerson Unknown Binding – 1911


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  1. Agnita Oyawale says:

    We really should be encouraging Jewish believers to evangelise other faith groups and to go overseas. How does the messianic Jewish Mission Society sound or … and also the Greek


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    Wow glory to God


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