14 March 1932 Political Journalist Benno Karpeles baptised #otdimjh

14 March 1932 Benno Karpeles, political journalist and activist, baptised #otdimjh


Benno Karpeles (1868- 1938) was an Austrian politician, publicist and editor. Formerly a writer on the staff of the “Arbeiter-Zeitung,” a Socialist newspaper in Vienna, he is little known today.


After visiting Theresa Neumann, the stigmatist [mystic with the signs of the cross on her body] of Konnnersreuth, Gerrnany, several times, he was baptized on March 14, 1932, in the little church at Konnersreuth, and Theresa was his godmother. He had been a political journalist and activist, at times Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, Centrist and Social Democrat. As a Roman Catholic he tried also to develop his political views alongside his faith, but apparently without success. I have not been able to confirm all the details of his story, or find a photo of him, and would be grateful if anyone has any further information.


Karpeles studied Economics in London (1894-1897), where he has also became ​​acquainted with the leaders of the British labor movement, and knew Engels. For some time he worked as the London correspondent of the Arbeiter-Zeitung.


From 1897 to 1899, Karpeles worked in Switzerland to develop a socialist movement; after his return to Vienna, he was political editor of the Arbeiter-Zeitung and representative of the Austrian trade unions at the Second International. The Second International (1889–1916), the original Socialist International, was an organization of socialist and labour parties formed in Paris on July 14, 1889. At the Paris meeting delegations from 20 countries participated.

In 1918 after tensions and disillusionment within the party he left and founded a new political Journal – “Peace” (1918-19). “Peace” saw itself as an opponent to the “imperial post”, the “main journal of the warmongers” of 1918. His program was short, concise and very ambitious: After the military attempts to make Europe German and Austrian have failed, let us now try to make Germany and Austria-European.

In the short time after the appearance of the magazine succeeded Karpeles succeeded in building up a group of contributors, from the anarchist or Spartacist-oriented left covering the entire intellectual and political spectrum of the center parties. These included such illustrious personalities as Alfred Adler , Peter Altenberg, Hermann Broch, Max Brod, Paul Claudel, Anatole France, André Gide, Maxim Gorky, Stefan Grossman , Albert Paris Gütersloh, Theodor Heuss, Egon Erwin Kisch, Paul Kornfeld, Anton Kuh, Heinrich Lammasch, Karl Leuthner , Adolf Loos, Thomas Mann, Robert Musil, Leo Perutz, Romain Rolland, Josef Luitpold Stern , Franz Werfel and Hugo Wolf. The core of the editorial team were next Karpeles Karl Tschuppik, Richard A. Bermann aka Arnold and Alfred Polgar Hollriegel as literary editors.


In 1919 Benno Karpeles acquired literary fame with the newspaper “The New Day.

Karpeles became a Roman Catholic in 1932 and tried to reconcile his socialist views with Catholic teaching.

Prayer: As with many at that time, the revolutionary and social ideals of Marx and Engels lost their appeal as the Communist utopia they worked for turned out to be a wasted dream. We do not know the precise thoughts or circumstances that led Benno Karpeles to become a Roman Catholic, but we thank you that you call each one of us to faith in you, and be a means of transformation, so that our personal and spiritual lives make a difference in our social and political contexts, and in the world you have made for your glory. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.



Karpeles, Benno 1868, Wien – 1938, Wien


During a Holy Communion, a host disappeared in Teresa’s mouth without being swallowed as soon as it was put into her mouth. This event was witnessed by priest Naber, Viennese Jewish merchant Dr. Benno Karpeles and others.


Clara Goldberger de Buda (born Karpeles), 1870-1934

Clara Goldberger de Buda (born Karpeles) was born on month day 1870, to Moriz Karpeles and Emma Karpeles (born Bing).

Moriz was born on November 1 1935, in Ungarn, Tab.

Emma was born on October 12 1840, in Vienna, Austria.

Clara had 7 siblings: Helene Kuranda (born Karpeles), Dr. Benno Karpeles and 5 other siblings.

Clara married Arnold Goldberger de Buda.

Arnold was born in 1864.

They had 2 children: Dr. Richard Goldberger-Buda and one other child.

Clara passed away on month day 1934, at age 63.

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