27 November 1802 Birth of Christian Andreas Herman Kalkar #otdimjh


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Bernstein records: Kalkar, Christian Andreas Herman, born November 27th, 1802, at Stockholm, died at Gladsaxe, February 3rd, 1886. He received his early education from his father, who was a rabbi and a member of the Consistorium, and at the schools of Copenhagen, [302] where, in 1818, he became a student of law. In 1823 he embraced the evangelical faith and studied theology, passing his examination in 1826. After being teacher at Oldensee, from 1827 to 1841, he travelled in Spain, and was appointed minister at Gladsaxe and Herloi in 1844.In 1833 he received the degree of Ph.D. He dealt first with biblical theology, but eventually found his particular area of interest was in the history of mission, on which he wrote extensively. From 1855 he became involved in the Evangelical Alliance. From 1871 until 1880, he was editor of Theologisk Tidskrift. In 1868 he wrote a sort of apology for the Christian church, entitled: The Mission among the Jews. As an 81 year old, in 1884, he convened a conference of the Evangelical Alliance in Copenhagen and was elected to serve as president.



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“Die Mission unter den Juden,” 1868 (German translation, Hamburg, 1869);

“Israel og Kerken,” Copenhagen, 1881.

From 1871 to 1880 Kalkar was editor of the “Theologisk Tidskrift.”

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Brief van Christian Andreas Herman Kalkar aan Jan Frans Willems

Christian Andreas Herman Kalkar Published in 1843

Prayer: Thank you for the life of service, scholarship and good learning that was the fruit of Kalkar’s faith. May our lives simililary demonstrate the fruits of faith, in whatever avenue of service you call us to. May the Messianic movement continue to produce teachers and educators for the whole church, and for all Israel, so that the Messiah may be made known in every way. In Yeshua’s name. Amen


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for Danish readers:


Christian Kalkar, Christian Andreas Herman Kalkar, 27.11.1802-2.2.1886, dansk teolog; far til Otto Kalkar. Han var jøde, men lod sig døbe og virkede efter teologisk eksamen i en årrække som lærer, derefter som præst 1843-68.

Efter at være blevet dr.phil. og dr.theol. indledte han med rastløs energi sit store forfatterskab af eksegetisk, reformationshistorisk og almenoplysende art. Christian Kalkar var bredkirkelig, tilhænger af en synode og ivrig deltager i den kirkelige og kirkepolitiske debat. Han var optaget af missionen, 1861-73 formand for Det Danske Missionsselskabog gennem mange år varm fortaler for Evangelisk Alliance; kort før sin død valgtes han til formand for alliancens nyoprettede danske afdeling.

Læs også om Christian Kalkar i Dansk Biografisk Leksikon.

For his son Otto Kalkar, Pastor and Linguist, see: https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Kalkar

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