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31 October 1517 Martin Luther posts the 95 Theses #otdimjh

Sometime during October 31, 1517, the day before the Feast of All Saints, the 33-year-old Martin Luther posted theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. The door functioned as a bulletin board for various announcements related to … Continue reading

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30 October 1842 Emmanuel Mendel Tartakover ordained in Jerusalem #otdimjh

Emmanuel Mendel Tartakover was born in Brody, Galicia, in 1810. He became a believer in Yeshua in England in 1838. He lived at the Operative Jewish Converts Institute in Palestine Place, London. He then trained at the Hebrew Missionary College … Continue reading

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#otdimjh 29 October 1833 Nathan Immanuel Mossa, “doughty pioneer of Homoeopathy in Europe” born

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Bernstein and de le Roi state: Mossa, Nathaniel Immanuel, gives the following particulars of himself:—”I was born on October 29th, 1833, at Friedland, near Beskow. My father was a Jewish…

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28 October Feast of Y’huda brother of Ya’akov (St Jude) – patron saint of lost causes #otdimjh

Bernstein’s short note: Jude is so named by Luke and Acts. Matthew and Mark call him Thaddeus. He is not mentioned elsewhere in the Gospels, except, of course, where all the apostles are mentioned. Legend has it that Jude was … Continue reading

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27 October 312 Constantine’s vision and victory #otdimjh

Constantine the Great is said to have received his famous Vision of the Cross which will join the Sword of Constantine to the Cross of Christ in the governing of the Roman Empire, much to the detriment of the Jews … Continue reading

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26 October 2005 Cardianl Lustiger marks the 40th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council #otdimjh

“What an amazing path we have travelled, Jews and Catholics for more than half a century!” Aaron Lustiger was born in Paris of Ashkenazi Jews from Będzin, Poland, in 1926. He studied at in Paris, where he first encountered anti-Semitism. Visiting … Continue reading

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25 October 1933 Karl Barth challenges the German church “What does the church have to say about what is happening in the concentration camps? Or about the treatment of the Jews?” #otdimjh

Karl Barth, the greatest theologian since Thomas Aquinas, and the formative voice for Christian understanding of Jews and Judaism today, refused to take the oath of allegiance to Hitler, was forced to leave his teaching post in Germany, and flee … Continue reading

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24 October 1762 Solomon Deutsch’s Rabbi confides that Isaiah 53 refers to Yeshua #otdimjh

From Bernstein: DEUTSCH (also Duitsch), Christian Solomon, born at Temesvar, in Hungary, 1734. Up to his twentieth year he studied scarcely anything but the Talmud at home and in Prague. The Bible was a sealed book to him. He had … Continue reading

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23 October 1892 Emin Pasha murdered in Kinene, Congo Free State #otdimjh

Who was Emin Pasha? Bernstein’s short note again calls for further investigation: Emin, Pasha (Edward Carl Oscar Theodor Schnitzer), born at Oppeln, Prussian Silesia, in 1840; killed at Kinena Station, Congo Free State, October 23, 1892. When he was only … Continue reading

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22 October 1642 Christian Gerson ben Meir Biberach dies aged 47 #otdimjh

How did Christian Gerson reconcile being Jewish with believing in Jesus, at a time when neither community really understood each other? Bernstein writes: Born at Reeklichhausen, August 1, 1567, Gerson received the usual Talmudical education, and was a teacher in … Continue reading

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