17 October 1821 Alexander McCaul calls for establishment of “Judaeo-Christian colony” #otdimjh

Yesterday I showed an Israeli friend the memorial plaques now in Christchurch, Spitalfields, previously at Palestine Place, the large compound of the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews [CMJ]). One of them commemorates Alexandander McCaul, Professor of Hebrew and author of “The Old Paths”. During his time in Poland, studying and living amongst the Jewish community there, he wrote and thought about the possibility of Hebrew Christian churches and communities, today’s modern Messianic Congregations.

The spelling (and date?) in the Jewish Expositor is a little different:

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for men and women of faith, vision and scholarship such as McCaul, and the legacy they left for the generations that followed. Help us to build responsibly on their foundations, with appropriate contextualisation of their work. In Yeshua’s name and for his glory we pray, Amen.

`Alexander McCaul was Professor of Hebrew and wrote “The Old Paths”, a commentary on the Talmud which was frequently published in many languages by the London Society for the Promotion of Christianity amongst the Jews (CMJ).

This is the first recorded use of the term “Judaeo-Christian” which later comes to mean ‘within the tradition of Judaism and Christianity”, but here refers to a Jewish expression of the Christian faith. See (if you read Dutch_

Een analyse van het gebruik van de term ‘joods-christelijk’ in het Nederlandse politieke discours

M’Caul, A., ‘Extract of a letter from Mr. M’Caul’, The Jewish Expositor and friend of Israel V, 1820, 478


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