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26 October 2005 Cardianl Lustiger marks the 40th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council #otdimjh

“What an amazing path we have travelled, Jews and Catholics for more than half a century!” Aaron Lustiger was born in Paris of Ashkenazi Jews from Będzin, Poland, in 1926. He studied at in Paris, where he first encountered anti-Semitism. Visiting … Continue reading

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25 October 1933 Karl Barth challenges the German church “What does the church have to say about what is happening in the concentration camps? Or about the treatment of the Jews?” #otdimjh

Karl Barth, the greatest theologian since Thomas Aquinas, and the formative voice for Christian understanding of Jews and Judaism today, refused to take the oath of allegiance to Hitler, was forced to leave his teaching post in Germany, and flee … Continue reading

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