3 July 1247 Pope Innocent IV issues Papal Bull to protect Jews from Blood Libel Accusations #otdimjh


After the body of a two year old girl found in Velress (Vaucluse), France, was used as an excuse for plundering the surrounding area (March 27), Pope Innocent IV (who was semi-retired by Emperor Frederick II) issued the Papal Bull Lacrimabilem Judaeorum against blood libels and sent it throughout Germany and France.


»Lacrimabilem Judaeorum Alamanniae recepimus questionem, quod nonnulli tam ecclesiastici, quam saeculares principes ac alii nobiles et potentes vestrarum civitatum et diocesum, ut eorum bona injuste dirpiant et usurpent, adversus ipsos impia consilia cogitantes et fingentes occasiones varias et diversas, non considerato prudenter, quod quasi ex archivio eorum christianae fidei testimonia prodierunt, scriptura divina inter alia mandata legis dicente «non occides», ac prohibente illos in solemnitate poschali quicquam morticinium ,non contingere, falso imponunt eisdem, quod in ipsa solemnitate se corde pueri communicant interfecti, credendo, id ipsam legem praecipere, cum sit legi contrarium manifeste, ac eis malitiose objiciunt hominis cadaver mortui, si contigerit illud alicubi reperiri. Et per hoc et alia quamplura figmenta saevientes in ipsos, eos super his non accusatos, non confessos, nec convictos, contra privilegia illis ab apostolica sede clementer indulta spoliant contra Deum et justitiam omnibus bonis suis, et inedia, carceribus ac tot molestiis tantisque gravaminibus premunt ipsos, diversis poenarum afligendo generibus et morte turpissima eorum quamplurimos condemnando, quod iidem Judaei, quasi existentes sub praedictorum principum, nobilium et potentum dominio doterioris conditionis, quam eorum patres sub Pharaone fuerint in Aegypto, coguntur de locis inhabitatis ab eis et suis antecessoribus a tompore, cujus non exstat memoria, miserabiliter exulare; unde suum exterminium metuentes duxerunt ad apostolicae sedis providentiam recurrendum. Nolentes igitur praefatos Judaeos injuste vexari, quorum conversionem Dominus miseratus exspectat, cum testante propheta credantur reliquiae salvae fieri eorundem, mandamus, quatenus eis vos exhibentes favorabiles et bonignos, quicquid super praemissis contra eosdem Judaeos per praedictos praelatos, nobiles et potentes inveneritis temere attemptatum in statum debitum legitime revocato, non permittatis ipsos de caetero super his vet similibus ab aliquibus indebite molestari; molestatoros hujusmodi per censuram ecclesiasticam appelatione postposita composcendo. Dat. Lugduni III. non Jul. anno V-o.»


Pope Innocent IV sends Dominicans and Franciscans out to the Tartars.jpg

Prayer: Lord, have mercy upon your church, and upon those who have falsely accused your people Israel over the centuries of terrible crimes. In Yeshua’s name. Amen.


Full translation to follow – no time to correct »From the Jews of Germany we have received the tearful question that some men who are of the church, which the secular authority and the mighty men, and others of the nobility of your cities, and dioceses, and to usurp their goods unjustly tear down, the inventors were against the consuls themselves, thinking and impious counsels of the opportunities that were speckled and diverse, in light of their prudence, that your They went out of their Christian testimony to the faith as it were by the archive and, among other things, the commandments of the divine law, which says the scripture, “You shall not kill,”, and opposition of any of them, in the feast of poschali died of itself, did not happened, a false, and seizing the same, that in the very heart of a child in common with the solemnity of the slain himself, by believing it, that the Law itself, and to command, since it is clearly contrary to the law, and object to them, maliciously, lying in a dead body, if it happens that it in some place on the subject. And in this way also and very much else in the fictions, being enraged at them, his anger is not upon them those accused, but not after they had confessed, and convicted of, contrary to the privileges granted to them, deprive them of their power with God and with clemency and justice, from the apostolic see all his good things, and let hunger, prisons and so many troubles and so great sufferings they pinch, them, and that many of them suffered divers punishments afligendo condemning the kinds of shameful death, and that these persons do the Jews, as it were, those living at the above-mentioned principle, nobles, and the dominion of the powerful doterioris that you were created, they were under Pharaoh in Egypt, and their fathers, they are obliged by their predecessors, out of them, and out of that place inhabited by a tompore , but I could not out of mind, is miserably in exile; Hence his fear led to the destruction of the Apostolic See for recourse. Therefore, the aforementioned Jews wishing to unjustly harassed, whose conversion Lord pity expects the same to happen with the testimony of the Prophet believed to be a remnant, we order you to pay significant and bonignos, all on the same premises against the Jews by the above-mentioned prelates, famous and powerful men have found random attempted in the state the debt has been called up, does not permit them for the rest of his Vet similar molested by some; molestatores caught behind appeal by ecclesiastical censure composcendo.



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