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20 April 1298 Röttingen/Rintfleisch massacres begin #otdimjh

On April 20, 1298, the Jews of Roettingen (today in northern Bavaria) suffered the first of a series of massacres that spread through the region. Over the coming months, what came to be called the Rintfleisch massacres were perpetrated against … Continue reading

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19 April 1506 Massacre of Jewish Conversos, Lisbon #otdimjh

Richard Zimler talks about his novel “The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon” The Lisbon Massacre, alternatively known as the Lisbon Pogrom or the 1506 Easter Slaughter was an incident in April, 1506, in which a crowd of Catholics, as well as … Continue reading

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18 April 1915 Birth of Joy Davidman, poet, writer and wife of C. S. Lewis #otdimjh

Joy Davidman (born Helen Joy Davidman; 18 April 1915 – 13 July 1960) was an American poet and writer. Often referred to as a child prodigy, she earned a master’s degree from Columbia University in English literature in 1935. For … Continue reading

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17 April 1900 Death of Rev. Marcus Mordechai Wolkenburg, scholar-evangelist

Wolkenberg, Rev. Marcus. Mordecai Wolkenberg (for such was his Jewish name) was born in 1834 in Russian Poland [Bernstein reports]. When quite young he was smuggled over the border into Galicia (Austrian Poland) to avoid being Christianized and trained for … Continue reading

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16 April 1816 Birth of Julius Paul Bloch, London Society Missionary in Rotterdam for 57 years #otdimjh

Gidney summarises Bloch’s life and ministry as: “Earnest, prayerful, humble, holy, zealous, and always about his Master’s business, he was greatly respected and esteemed by all, for his character and works’ sake.” Bernstein gives a brief biography: Bloch, Julius Paul, … Continue reading

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15 April Death of Krister Stendahl, Pioneer in Christian-Jewish Dialogue and developer of the New Perspective on Paul #otdimjh I recently lectured on Messianic Jewish Theology in the Krister Stendahl room in the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem. I felt privileged as a Messianic Jew to be in a room named after this giant of New Testament studies … Continue reading

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14 Aprl 1820 Joseph Frey founds American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews #otdimjh The figure of Joseph Samuel Christian Frederick Frey looms large over the 19th century Jewish Missions movement, the beginnings of Hebrew Christianity, and modern Messianic Judaism. Not one to hold back from self-promotion, he told his story in many … Continue reading

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13 April 1986 Pope John Paul II tells Rome Synagogue – You are our “elder brothers” #otdimjh John Paul II eagerly steps forward to embrace the rabbi of Rome: the beginning of his visit to the Synagogue of Rome on April 13, 1986.  “The Church of Christ discovers her “bond” with Judaism by “searching into her own … Continue reading

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12 April 1932 Birth of Moishe Rosen, founder of modern day “Jews for Jesus” #otdimjh

“I wasn’t looking for Jesus or God or anything ontological. I kept my nose to the grindstone. My goal in life was nothing big: I wanted to earn a good living and be able to afford a middle-class lifestyle. But … Continue reading

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11 April 1820 Birth of Aaron Stern, pioneer missionary explorer and founder of the Hebrew Christian Alliance #otdimjh

Henry Aaron Stern was born in Unterreichenbach, near Gelnhausen. He was an Anglican missionary and captive for four years in Abyssinia. He was the youngest son of Aaron Stern, a Jew, and Hannah his wife. He was born in the … Continue reading

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