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26 August 1824 Baptism of Karl Marx #otdimjh

Marx was born in Trier, Germany, in 1818. His father, a lawyer, converted from Judaism to Evangelical Protestantism, very probably for reasons of vocational aspiration (McLellan 1987, 8). Heinrich Marx (ne Hirschel ha-Levi) was a follower of the enlightenment thinkers, … Continue reading

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21 February 1848 Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto #otdimjh #onthisda

Bernstein includes Marx in “Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ” Marx, Karl, born at Treves, in 1818. He was baptized with his father, his brother, and five sisters in 1824. In 1842, he became editor of “Reinische Zeitung für Politik, Handel, … Continue reading

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#onthisday #otdimjh 3 January 1954 Einstein’s letter on God to philosopher Eric Gutkind

Albert Einstein’s religious views have been studied extensively. He said he believed in the “pantheistic” God of Baruch Spinoza, but not in a personal god, a belief he criticized. He also called himself an agnostic, while disassociating himself from the … Continue reading

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