25 April 1866 Letter of Invitation to Form Hebrew Christian Alliance of Great Britain #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

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Noting the existence of previous Hebrew Christian brotherhoods and other groups of Jewish Christians that met in the 19th century, Hugh Schonfield observes:

But while these movements have interest as expressing the need of Jewish Christians for mutual dependence both in prayer and charity, they have no claim to be regarded as forerunners of a revived Jewish Christianity.

Haim Ridley Herschell Haim Ridley Herschell

The first united stand of Jewish Christians, as such, was made in 1866 when Dr. C. Schwartz, minister of Trinity Chapel, Edgware Road, London, built by another Jewish Christian, Ridley Herschell, formed a Hebrew-Christian Union. The objects are stated to have been:

1 To promote a social and frequent personal intercourse among Christian Israelites by meeting together at stated periods.

2 To stir up and stimulate one another in the endeavor of uniting with, and caring for, our brethren.

3 To search the Scriptures together relating to…

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    Many thanks for this and for doing the blog so well and so speedily. As always, very much appreciated. I trust all is well with you and Monica, Martin


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