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28 December 1911 Birth of Bernhard (Herzfeld) Weber, the “Half-Jewish Pastor” #otdimjh

The Kaufmann family member Bernhard Herzfeld was born in the Berlin Sophiengemeinde district.  Their son Bernhard was baptized here in April 1915 and confirmed in March 1927. After the death of his father in 1924, his mother married the merchant … Continue reading

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26 December 1961 Passing of Rev. John Gotthold Forell – German Jewish Refugee, Australian Internee and American Clergyman #otdimjh

Gotthold Forell was born in Michelsdorf in 1922 as the youngest son of the pastor Friedrich Forell (see page 102ff, Evangelisch Getauft- als “Juden” verfolgt – Baptisted as Protestants – Persecuted as Jews) and his wife Magdalene. He attended the … Continue reading

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24 December 1944 Martin Niemoller’s Christmas Eve Sermon in Dachau #otdimjh

Before ‘Then They Came for Me,’ There Was Christmas Eve 1944. Here’s How a Sermon in a Nazi Camp Signaled a New Moral Voice BY MATTHEW D. HOCKENOS in Time, DECEMBER 23, 2018 German anti-Nazi theologian and Lutheran pastor, Martin Niemoller … Continue reading

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22 December 1945 Passing of Victor Kuhn, Pastor, Theologian and “Half Jew” #otdimjh

Despite his fierce patriotism and nationalist leanings, Victor Kühn was forced out of ministry and had to take early retirement. An accomplished philosopher, theologian and pastor, his commitment to the spiritual and public life of Germany for some forty years … Continue reading

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22 December 1942 Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Christmas Letter “After Ten Years” #otdimjh

After Ten Years Ten years is a long stretch in a man’s life. Time is the most precious gift in our possession, for it is the most irrevocable. This is what makes it so disturbing to look back upon time … Continue reading

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16 December 1911 Birth of Susanne Eycke, Hospital Chaplain and Holocaust survivor

Susanne Eycke * December 16, 1911 in Brieg / Lower Silesia, † November 8, 1996 in Weilheim.  1931-1934 studied philology in Rostock, Munich, Jena and Berlin;  1934/1935 studied theology in Erlangen;   1935-1936 training as a parish helper in the Burckhardthaus … Continue reading

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14 December 1913 Birth of Heinrich Pollack, Holocaust survivor and Hebrew Christian Pioneer in Israel

From the memorial page on facebook Heinrich Günther Israel Pollack.Born 13 Dec 1913 in Berlin. Died 01 Sep 2012 in Israel. Lived through 2 World Wars. Escaped the nazi persecution and came to Sweden 1939. Joined the Salvation Army, married … Continue reading

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13 December 1204 Passing of Moses Maimonides

“From Moses to Moses there was no one like Moses” – Rambam’s tombstone, Tiberias Moses Maimonides, original name Moses Ben Maimon, also called Rambam, Arabic name Abū ʿImran Mūsā ibn Maymūn ibn ʿUbayd Allāh, (born March 30, 1135, Córdoba [Spain]—died December 13, 1204, Egypt), Jewish philosopher, jurist, and … Continue reading

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7 December 1965 Second Vatican Council ends – New Relationship between the Jewish People and the Roman Catholic Church begins

Robert A Krieg writes “ The Second Vatican Council endorsed a change in the Catholic Church’s self -understanding and its stance toward the world and other religions. When Pope John XXIII convoked the council on December 25, 1961, he opened … Continue reading

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How Did Christmas Become So Un-Jewish? An Ironic Timeline

December 25 is by tradition the day on which the Jewish Messiah Jesus was born. So how did it become what it is today, and why is it so difficult to celebrate it as the birthday of the greatest Jewish … Continue reading

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