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28 August 1899 Stalin’s pianist #otdimjh

28 August 1899 Birth of Maria Yudina, pianist and theologian who challenged Stalin #otdimjh Maria (Mariya) Veniaminovna Yudina (Мари́я Вениами́новна Ю́дина, Mariya Veniaminovna Yudina; September 9 [Old Style: August 28], 1899 – November 19, 1970) was an influential Soviet pianist. from  “Maria Yudina: The … Continue reading

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19 August 1509 Pfefferkorn prohibits Jewish books #otdimjh

19 August 1509 Johannes Pfefferkorn implements Padua Mandate Confiscating Jewish books #otdimjh Item IV.1, folio 6, recto. Protocols of Meetings: City Council and Jewish Community of Frankfurt am Main, 1509-1510. (From the Institut für Stadtgeschichte  Frankfurt am Main, Juden Akten 779. … Continue reading

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17 August 1850 Samuel Schor born #otdimjh

17 August 1850 Birth of Samuel Schor, second generation JBY in Jerusalem #otdimjh   Samuel Schor was born in Jerusalem on 17 August 1859, and was baptized in Christ Church, Jerusalem, on 11 September 1859. He was the second son of … Continue reading

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16 August 1913 Menachem Begin born #otdimjh

16 August 1913 Birth of Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel #otdimjh Menachem Begin was born in Brest-Litovsk, Poland on 16 August 1913, son of Zeev-Dov and Hassia Begin. He was educated at the Mizrachi Hebrew School and the Polish Gymnasium (High … Continue reading

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15 August 1941 Trocmé Rescues Jews #otdimjh

15 August 1941 Pastor Trocmé speakes his mind, continuing to provide shelter for those fleeing the Shoah #otdimjh On 15 August 1942, Trocmé vehemently articulated his opinion to Georges Lamirand, a minister in the Vichy government, on an official visit … Continue reading

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14 August 1888 The faith of Nathanael Kameras #otdimjh

14 August 1888 Nathanael Kameras declares his faith in Yeshua #otdimjh   Kameras, Rev. Nathanael, missionary in Vienna, of the British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Jews. The following is an abridged extract from his autobiography [Bernstein: … Continue reading

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13 August 2002 Hansi Dobschiner promoted to glory #otdimjh

13 August 2002 Death of Hansi Dobschiner, writer and Holocaust survivor #otdimjh Johanna-Ruth Douglas (Hansie Dobschiner) was born in 1925 and died on August 13 2002. She was a well-known and much loved figure in the British Messianic Jewish Alliance, and … Continue reading

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12 August 1888 Zeckhausen believes in Yeshua #otdimjh

12 August 1888 Leopold Zeckhausen, father of H L Ellison, declares his faith in Yeshua #otdimjh Rev Leopold Zeckhausen was a stalwart of CMJ, the IHCA (today IMJA) and IMCCAJ (International Missionary Council’s Committee on the Christian Approach to the … Continue reading

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11 August 1954 WCC Minority Report #otdimjh

11 August 1954 WCC Minority Report on the Hope of Israel #otdimjh   A Statement by 24 Delegates to the Second Assembly of the WCC THE SECOND ASSEMBLY OF THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES The Assembly, held at Evanston from 15 … Continue reading

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10 August 2007 Lustiger’s funeral #otdimjh

10 August 2007 Funeral of Cardinal Lustiger #otdimjh France bade farewell to Cardinal Jean-Marie Aaron Lustiger [Sept 17 1926 – Aug 5 2007] on Friday in a ceremony that mixed prayers from his Jewish roots with the rites of the Roman … Continue reading

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