30 March 2015 “Mission and Missionaries among the Jews in 19th Century Europe” – Conference – #otdimjh

30 March 2015 “Mission and Missionaries among the Jews in 19th Century Europe” – Conference

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I am attended this conference in 2015 – a great opportunity to meet Jewish scholars studying Jewish missionaries!

IJS/JHSE Symposium

in honour of

 Professor David Ruderman,

scholar-in-residence of the Jewish Historical Society of England

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9.55am             Welcome by Piet van Boxel,  President, Jewish Historical Society of England

Welcome given by Philip Alexander

Martin GIlbert

David Cesarani gave a hesped (eulogy) on the life and work of Martin Gilbert, historian of Churchill and the Holocaust, who died on February 3rd 2015

10.00am           David Ruderman (University of Pennsylvania):

The Revival of the Jewish-Christian Debate in 19th century Europe:

The Evangelical Missionary Alexander McCaul and his Jewish Interlocutors


This was a fascinating study of McCaul’s career, scholarship, motives and methods, and the response of his Jewish interlocutors, most of the Reform Jews who had a similar reservation about the authority of the Talmud that McCaul examined in The Old Paths

10.45am           Nadia Valman (Queen Mary, University of London):

Women and the Evangelical Mission to the Jews in Victorian England

Nadia presented a compelling account of the use of ‘the Jewess’ to help construct Victorian Evangelical Feminist discourse. She analysed testimonies and biographies of missionaries to the Jews and Jewish ‘converts’ to show the discourse construction, showing how ‘the reader’s emotional involvement in narrative could be harnessed for serious moral purposes.’

11.30am           Coffee

Now listening to Theodor – more to follow

12.00                Theodor Dunkelgrün (University of Cambridge):

Mission and Massorah: Christian David Ginsburg and Victorian Biblical Culture

12.45-2.00pm    Lunch (not provided)

2.00pm             Philip Alexander (University of Manchester):

Christian Restorationism in Ireland in the Early 19th Century: The Strange Case of Miss Marianne Nevill

2.45pm             David Feldman (Birkbeck, University of London):

God’s Chosen People: Love, Power and Popery in 19th century Britain


3.30pm             Tea

4.00pm             Joanna Weinberg (University of Oxford):

After mission: Alfred Edersheim’s reflections on Jews and Christians

4.45pm             Michael Ledger-Lomas (University of Cambridge):

St Paul in the thought of Protestant missionaries to the Jews

5.30pm           Conference ends

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Venue: Gustave Tuck lecture theatre, University College London, Gower Street WC1E 6BT

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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    An interesting academic niche!


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