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31 January 1253 Henry III orders quiet worship in Synagogue #otdimjh

On 31 January 1253, the king promulgated an ordinance against the Jews. Unlike previous royal measures, which had been largely concerned with Jewish financial dealings, this one was strongly influenced by religious considerations. The main aim was to remove threats to the … Continue reading

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30 January 1819 Birth of Jonas Meyer, Orthodox, Reform and Messianic Jew #otdimjh

Meyer, Rev. Jonas Theodor, was born in Crivitz, a small town in Mecklenberg, January 30, 1819, and died in New Jersey, March 14, 1896. His early Hebrew education he received from a Polish Jew in the Cheder, and then he … Continue reading

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29 January 1866 First edition of “The Scattered Nation” #otdimjh

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28 January 1531 Mark Raphael advises Henry VIII on Divorce and Levirate Marriage #onthisday

  Bernstein summarises: Raphael, Mark, an Italian Jewish convert, flourished at Venice at the beginning of the sixteenth century. It is said that he was a rabbi before his conversion.[ 60] He was consulted by Henry VIII on the question of … Continue reading

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27 January 1908 Death of Canon Kelk, long-serving London Society minister in Jerusalem #otdimjh

  Arthur Hastings Kelk, vicar of St Stephens, Leeds, former Theological Tutor of Malta Protestant College, joined CMJ in 1878, aged 42. He served in Jerusalem 1878-1904, London 1901-1904, Leeds 1904-1908. He was Canon of Cana in Galilee. Gidney writes … Continue reading

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26 January 1531 Solomon Molcho predicts Lisbon earthquake and gains Pope Clement VII’s support #otdimjh

  On 26 Janauary 1531, three tremors shake Portugal and numerous houses are destroyed in Lisbon by an earthquake which the Pope and others believe confirm the prediction of suffering made by Solomon Molcho who was seeking relief for Jews … Continue reading

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25 January 1904 Pope Pius X gives Theodor Herzl’s Zionist project a cold reception #otdimjh

  Theodore Herzl travelled to Rome in late January 1904, after the sixth Zionist Congress (August 1903) and six months before his death, looking for some kind of support. On January 22, Herzl first met the Secretary of State, Cardinal … Continue reading

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24 January 1826 Birth of Albert Isaacs, pioneer photographer of Holy Land

Isaacs, Rev. Albert Augustus. The cause of missions to Jews possessed a very intelligent and warm-hearted advocate in the Rev. Albert Augustus [281] Isaacs, who was himself, as his name indicates, of Jewish parentage, and who throughout his long life, identified … Continue reading

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23 January 1840 Death of Lewis Way, Visionary and Financial backer of CMJ #otdimjh

Lewis Way (1772–1840) was an English barrister and churchman, noted for his work to with the London Society for the Promotion of Christianity among the Jews (CMJ), in which he played a pioneering role. He also petitioned the Czar for … Continue reading

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22 January 1935, Birthday of Martyr Alexander Men #otdimjh

Alexander Vladimirovich Men (22 January 1935 – 9 September 1990) was a Russian Orthodox priest, theologian, Biblical scholar and writer. He wrote many books (including his magnum opus, History of Religion: In Search of the Way, the Truth and the … Continue reading

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